Setup Fee

First 30 days

  • Onboarding:
    A step-by-step walk-through of your site with our team via Zoom or in-person to label and identify all relevant UX/UI elements.
  • Dashboard setup:
    A presentation of the dashboard’s capabilities and customization options.
  • In-action:
    A real-time walk through of the data captured and displayed in the dashboard.

Second 30 days

  • Recommendations begin:
    Once we have enough data to reach establish confidence, recommendations will show up in the dashboard. (This is completely dependent upon the traffic of your site. The more traffic, the shorter the time needed.)

Ongoing: Analytics


For every 50,000 site visitors

Automated A/B Testing

  • Real-time analytics:
    The analytics update each time the dashboard is accessed, allowing you to see exactly how your site’s doing at any given moment.
  • Real-time recommendations:
    When we’re confident that a certain UX or UI adjustment will positively influence a certain metric, a recommendation will appear next to the corresponding metric on the dashboard. We’re always willing to help with the implementation of the Ux or UI adjustment if need be.
  • Customer Support:
    We respond within 24 hours to any and all customer support needs.

Ongoing: Analytics + Automation


For every 50,000 site visitors.

User-Specific A/B Testing

  • New Users:
    Using available UTMs as well as on-screen behaviors, we determine which elements increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment.
  • Returning Users:
    With the users’ email addresses and checkout information, we’re able to understand how each customer contributes to larger and more robust patterns.

Real-Time Product Page Adjustments

  • New Users:
    Using available established patterns as well as on-screen behaviors, we adjust the the layout and UX elements to optimize product pages.
  • Returning Users:
    Understanding past and present behaviors as well as demographics, we adjust the layout and UX elements and offer user-specific lists of related products.