Installing TUP

Use Google Tag Manager or place a JavaScript snippet into the header of your source code to perform the required data collection.

GTM: click the links below for step-by-step instructions to manage and install the software

or Transport Learning can manage it for you.

Common Questions

What data is collected?

Transport Learning tracks unique user visits, session duration, user clicks/taps, user searches, visibility, and scrolls.

Will this software hinder the performance of my site?

No. The code is composed of event listeners that post to Transport Learning’s servers. No extraneous processing on the users’ browsers or your servers.

How long does it take to start working?

Immediately. Once installed, data is sent to our servers automatically.

Do we have to do anything other than install this software?

Usually no. However, depending on the implementation of your website, we may need to customize the tag to collect the data we need.