Step 1: Take Control

Understand and direct each step of the customer journey

Prescriptive Analytics


Actionable Recommendations


Customizable Metrics

*This products works on most, if not all, E-comm sites.

Step 2: Automate

Adjust to individual customers in real-time, any time

Individualized UX changes*


Automatic, real-time, personalized, product-page changes

*Currently, this is only available for Magento, WooCommerce, and SalesForce.

The process

Understand and predict users patterns across sites and demographics.


Data Capture

Taps, scrolls, swipes, shakes, location, weather, time of day, and navigation history

machine learning white

Machine Learning

Instant and automated A/B testing to identify user patterns


Prescriptive UX Changes

Recommendations are based on individual user data as well as corresponding demographic data


Real-time, individualized UX Changes

Adjust your site to individual users as they're shopping

More Conversions

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