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Identity Attention Learning Metrics

Step 1: Integrate your LMS


Make a few changes to your LMS controls and settings, and we’re up and running.

Key Components:

  • Seamless setup
  • No extra steps for students or teachers
  • Full developer support

Step 2: Verify Identity and Attention


Track what students are doing on-screen, measure their level of attention, and verify their identities.

Key Components:

  • Verify on-screen behavior with screen shots every three seconds
  • Use pupil size and eye tracking to measure attention
  • Compare webcam images to either an uploaded photo or a specific captured image (for example: the image captured when the student logs into the LMS for the first time).

Step 3: Real-Time Analytics


In real-time, the learning system interprets students’ affective and behavioral reactions to provide real-time learning metrics.

Key Components:

  • Longitudinally, track student and teacher performance.
  • Provide real-time actionable learning metrics to students, teachers and administrators
  • Robust and intuitive dashboards

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